Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Miscellaneous: Builders Risk, Boiler, and Machinery 

Buildings, usually while under construction or renovation, are at risk due to unforeseen circumstances and/or just general negligence.  That is why builder’s risk insurance may be necessary.  This is a type of policy that protects the insured and guarantees that any damage done to the building and its contents or any physical loss or damage sustained will be covered during this process.  This coverage usually terminates upon completion of such renovation or building phase.

Boiler and Machinery insurance is critical as it too protects against any damage and/or losses caused by equipment breakdown and malfunctions.  This coverage is not just limited to boilers and machinery, but to computer and telephone systems, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems, as well.  Coverage also includes damage to the business property and/or any legal or business liabilities incurred due to these unforeseen circumstances.  This is not necessarily a mandatory insurance, but yet another practical purchase to help protect the business owner and the success of his/her business. 

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Business Insurance protects you, your employees, your contents and your property. Let the professionals at GP Insurance personally tailor the Business Owner Policy that specifically suits your business needs.

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If you drive a car, then by most state laws you must carry automobile insurance. This is not only for your protection, but for protection against or towards other drivers. Automobile coverage protects you, your family, your vehicle, and any damages caused and/or sustained by you physically.

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Whether you own or rent, insurance is a necessity and not an option. As your home is probably one of the greatest assets you may ever acquire, you will want to insure it to its full value. GP Insurance will ensure that you receive the proper coverage to protect your most important asset.

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Life Insurance is an essential insurance policy that will provide you and your family peace of mind in the long term.

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Every day you make decisions that affect the financial stability of your future. Trust GP Insurance and their 20+ years of financial experience to help guide you to make the best financial decisions.